And so it begins.


“This is not a diary, nor a memoir; but rather an arbitrary organisation of many thoughts I have had around philosophy and women’s history and the pursuit of happiness and the people who have influenced my character and beliefs. I am using this collection of writing as self-therapy: the aim is to understand who I am more clearly, in order to get through this current quarter-life crisis and (hopefully) find out how I can influence the world, or history, or whatever it is I’m destined to influence.”

Late April, 2016

I started collating my thoughts earlier this year in order to organise and review my thoughts and my values. It has led to this blog, The 27 Resolve, and I expect it will continue on in this format as a journey of self discovery.

I’ve never considered myself a writer. If anything, I prefer to reflect and talk it through. I want this blog to be a discussion opposed to a monologue, so I invite you on this journey – whoever is willing to do so – with critical awareness rather than critical opinion.

Let’s change the world.


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