Love WILL Trump Hate

I was raised to behave with dignity and grace in the face of a loss. I was taught to congratulate the winner, and while it’s ok to be disappointed, under no circumstances should I ever behave like a sore loser.

But this circumstance is different. This circumstance is not okay.

Everyone has the capacity to do good and the capacity to do bad. What matters is which they choose to act upon. This is not a political issue. This is far bigger than that. Remember this day folks. This is the day that people chose hate, bigotry, ignorance, corruption, arrogance, double standards, narcissism, misogyny and discrimination.

Hillary represents the everyday woman who has been held back, told she isn’t good enough, labeled and criticised, unfairly condemned. Despite everything, she has persevered and demonstrated intelligence and calmness and compassion. For this, I respect her more than ever. For her, I am more determined to fight for gender equality. This election has shown how rampant bigotry is.

You may think that I am overreacting, but understand that every value I stand for has been crushed. A hurdle for women and people who are different has become, ironically, a wall.

Putting political affiliations and preferences aside, America has voted (overwhelmingly, despite the popular vote for Clinton) for a man who spews a rhetoric that targets the fear and hatred in the people. He never had the slightest clue about policy for the people, he just made a show and entertained the masses. But let’s get real here.  This isn’t just a man who behaves like a bullying school child. It’s much darker:

  • This is a man who is due in court for child rape charges
  • This is a man who boasts about sexually assaulting women.
  • This is a man endorsed by the KKK.
  • This is a man who scorns veterans, POWs, and Gold Star families.
  • This is a man who mocks the disabled – among so many other groups.
  • This is a man who denies climate change.

But what is the use of speaking the truth? Many people have not listened.

I can’t believe I’m even here writing this. America has failed…The system has failed.  I feel like Harry Potter has died, and Voldemort has won the outcome of the prophecy. In the story books, the good guy always wins. Reality has proven much different.


Like my American friend, I take this very personally. I campaign and battle for gender equality and the ending of a misogynistic culture. I’m sure many other people have also lost their faith in humanity’s capacity to believe in good.

When did humanity get so unkind? When did people have more faith in a reality TV conman who verbally spews ideas with no substance or value than a woman who has publicly given her life to help others? You don’t have to LIKE the candidate, but the values that underlie their policies should be the key drive in your vote. I’m sick of people comparing them and saying Hillary was just as bad. She wasn’t. She never was. And history is going to tell a whole other story that will make our generation look more appalling than we are proving to be. Don’t also tell me he will have “brains” working for him behind the scenes, to manage his antics. That is what people thought about Hitler! This is a man who has largely worked alone, a demagogue who has insulted a LARGE majority of people, – not just people who oppose his ideology. A man who has torn apart the GOP, never mind the Democrats. This is a man has dictator tendencies. I wish I was exaggerating. His supporters enjoy trolling the opposition, they live off bullying behaviour and ignorance. These people are a disease to prosperity, growth, and basic human decency.

The most horrifying part of this is the idea that Obama has to hand over the keys to a smug-faced man who will wipe out all those achievements he fought so hard, against a corrupt GOP senate and house, to gain. This is a government who still is run by fundamentalist religious values that are backwards and obsolete. It’s like the movie Idiocracy. This is not a world I want to raise my daughters in, let alone all my children. We have to do something.

I just feel so bad for Hillary. She’s a symbol for women right now. Despite her innate ability and potential, the media has crushed her image, man has lied and degraded her. She’s had people ripping into her based on her likability rather than her ability to do the job. Is this women’s lot in life? To face setback after setback for thousands of years to a patriarchy who values money-making machines and sexist entertainment over equality for all?

All over social media, people across the world have been pouring out their shock and sadness in what has happened. This man doesn’t define all Americans. This man is not a symbol or a figurehead for all Americans. To those Americans who voted for progression, we share in your pain. We know there is still some good left in the heart of America.

But while I mourn tonight for those minorities who will take this as a huge loss, I will wake in the morning more determined than ever to fight on. Dark times lie ahead, and it’s important to get involved, not stay passive. I will continue to fight Susan B Anthony’s battle to see the first female President of the United States. I will fight to make sure Obama’s legacy is sealed. And I’m sure many others will continue to fight the ideology that Trump stands for. American or not, we will unite, stronger together, to target this medieval mindset.

For those who need to know how to:

  1. Deal with this massive upset

  2. Educate themselves on what the hell just happened

  3. Find out how to protest and stop Trump’s ideology

Links to help can be found here.

We’ve hit a hurdle. But let’s not give up hope. Love will win. Equality will exist. We need the whole world to stand up against this.


2 thoughts on “Love WILL Trump Hate

  1. I find it curious that everyone creates their own narrative of Hillary Clinton. If you read about her life she does not at all represent an everyday woman, especially of her time. My mom is just a bit older than Hillary Clinton and they were both born in Chicago. Hillary’s family moved to an almost entirely white suburb with a seemingly better school system. Hillary was obviously intelligent and had parents who thought education beyond high school was important.
    The Chicago public high school my mom went to encouraged women to take secretarial classes. Women were discouraged from taking classes like physics, as they would be taking spaces away from the boys. I don’t know anyone from my mom’s social set that graduated from college.
    My mom’s mom had an eighth grade education and went to work in a factory at age 13. She was the daughter of Polish immigrants and grew up in a Polish speaking home. Her dad didn’t graduate high school either but was perhaps a bit more worldly.
    Hillary Clinton went to Wellesley College then to Yale Law, both very elite schools. Perhaps that is something people outside the US don’t realize? Hillary Clinton especially for her age group is in a fairly small club of women that can say they graduated from Yale Law School. With such a degree you can write your own ticket.
    For my grandparents to have ever conceived of such a trajectory for their daughter(my mom) would have been difficult. It was simply outside their universe. Even if it was they never would have had the social connections or money to send her there. Perhaps once upon a time Hillary and my mother may have passed each other on the street…even they came from the same part of the world, my mom I feels represents the everyday woman of that time period far more than Hillary Clinton.
    Trump was certainly not the first and only misogynistic President who had the nature of a sexual predator. Where were all these horrified Americans in the nineties? If you are younger, perhaps it would be hard to understand. Oh wait, now I remember…his accusers were liars, it was boys being boys, such behavior is accepted elsewhere, if you protest you are just one of those American Puritans. I even remember one older American woman reporter thinking the horror was the information was made public, not the actual behavior. Before then the reporters were supposed to remain silent about what they knew, let the American public believe in the mythology of people like JFK etc.


    • Thanks for your response. My commentary wasn’t focusing on the opportunities Hillary was given. Neither did I bring up Trump’s privilege (which, ironically, is much higher than Hillary’s considering the first job he’s ever had to apply for is the Presidency!?!?). It’s of course very easy to criticise someone for their privileges, although I actually find it an asset that Hillary went through education when most women a) weren’t encouraged to pursue higher education and b) many women struggled through it because of gender stereotyping.

      I do find it concerning that people are willing to overlook the flaws in a man such as Trump because “oh, well, it’s happened before”. This is the mentality that has us going backwards instead of forwards. A lot of people criminalise Hillary for what her husband did, but is it fair that she should be punished for his discrepancies? But Trump’s message was loud and clear. He clearly spewed a hateful rhetoric. He clearly painted Obama to be non-American (something he extracted and then denied), he clearly painted Hillary as a criminal (when no evidence was found after multiple investigations). His rate of lying in order to provoke hatred and anger was what won him the presidency. He is basically a conman who stumbled his way into the most powerful position in the US. Can you deny that? So I don’t really want to hear Clinton being attacked for being educated.

      I find a lot of criticism is also coming from those alternatives who voted third party, pointing fingers and refusing to accept responsibility for allowing Trump into power. Unfortunately for Americans, your job is now to accept what has happened and do something about it, regardless of who you voted for, or if you voted at all. Nobody wants to hear a debate about Hillary now. It’s not going to reverse the damage. I suggest we turn our attention to the common enemy, and try to avoid the double standards that are placed on women in politics. I wish you all the best.


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