How this began…

They say in order to find meaning in your life, you need to live values that are greater than your own.

Following a period of strong anxiety and negativity at the age of 26, I began to channel my worries into the form of a physical journal. This was purely a self-serving method of vocalising my interests arbitrary thoughts in order to understand who I am and what I was put on this earth to do. What I learned from my journaling was that I had so much potential to make a positive difference in this world, but so much self-doubt and reservation holding me back.

I made a resolve.

A resolve to realise my purpose through understanding who I am and what I have to offer. To live out my convictions with a rebellious spirit and a social conscious in order to give back in a meaningful way. The mission of this blog is primarily to record my journey of mindfulness, but this originally grew from the mission to challenge mindsets around the history of women’s rights and feminism – issues that I am fiercely passionate about.

Ultimately, I not only to change mindsets, but also to inform and inspire, generate relevant discussion, and challenge complacency around any social issue. Ultimately, I want to prove that I – and anybody with enough nerve  – can contribute to Saving the World…


+ Challenge Mindsets + Seek Justice + Inspire Change +
+ with a Rebellious Spirit + a Fierce Passion + and a Social Conscious +