On Growing Up


On October 3rd, I turned 27.

It turned out to be a very busy time, not momentous enough to inspire a burst of thought for this blog, so the writing was delayed in the meantime.

In anycase, I have had a lot of growing up to do recently. I’ve avoided it for years. Bill paying, living away from home, travelling and making your own decisions are all VERY ADULT, but this is possibly the year where I acknowledge that I am an adult and accept the bigger responsibilities that come with it.

  1. I’ve recently accepted a job promotion at a new workplace
  2. I have to manage my money better now that I’m upgrading from a small town to a small city
  3. I’m looking into buying my first house
  4. I’m also finding out that number three is virtually impossible in the current NZ housing market
  5. As a result I am finding myself more stressed and depressed (this makes me a real adult, right?)
  6. So to avoid this, I am continuing to make an effort to recognise and realise my purpose on earth.

Obviously I haven’t figured out the last one, but this is what the blog is for. As an adult, your personality and traits are pretty much formed, so utilizing my big mouth, obstinate nature and confidence and channelling them into something positive and productive is pretty important and pretty mature … right?

But let’s be honest, I’ll never grow up. It’s all a facade! We’re all pretending we have it together – I think the important thing is to try to make something of the small hours of the day rather than waiting for another Friday to roll around. This being said, I’m continuing to be as determined as ever to make 27 the most productive, fulfilling and action-planned year! With Amy Poehler in mind, I want to grow up to be the best version of myself possible. Thanks for joining me and continuing to follow me on this 27 Resolve journey.

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Feminism is not a ‘Sisterhood’


Remember when Feminism used to be associating with man-hating?

Yeah, me neither. 

For some reason, people had (and still have) this view that while it was accepted (rather, expected) for feminists to hate men – it was the ultimate act of true hate when a feminist didn’t support another woman. Like Feminism is some special Sisterhood, and that part of the membership requirements is that you stick up for every woman no matter what.

That sounds a little hypocritical, doesn’t it?

Take for example in 2013, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler made fun of Taylor Swift’s personal life in their Golden Globes presentation. It was a bit of lighthearted comedy, but Tay Tay took it quite personally, saying, “there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women”. (This is widely regarded as her quote, but is actually Madeleine Albright’s. I disagree with both of them). Keeping in mind that a) it’s Tina and Amy’s job to poke fun at celebrities, b) Swift was not the only one targeted, and c) Swift’s career is built up on the bringing down of other people, she seemed to be unnecessarily sensitive about the whole ordeal. It was something that could have been brushed over but instead became a bigger deal for the sake of keeping Swift’s image pure.

Someone online (I don’t know who it was, for all I know it could have been the Queen, I’m sure she also spends most of her time posting snarky messages on the Internet like the rest of us) once said it was “unfeminist” of me for not supporting T Swizzle.

Sigh. I really do not like Taylor Swift. I don’t need to explain why, that’s my own business. However, for some reason, because I believe in equality of the sexes, I have to take her side? This was not in the job description.

Fighting for equality of the sexes does not mean you have to support every woman in every battle. You don’t even have to like every woman. Equality means treating everyone based on their character and the context at hand, not their sex, not their star power, and if a woman is playing the victim card, we should be able to call her out on this. Otherwise it promotes this female supremacy ideology, and women never learn from their errors.

Besides, I really don’t think Taylor Swift needs my approval. She’s in a very privileged position, but is also undoubtedly very popular and successful in her own right. She has worked hard, but remember she profits from the taking-down of other people. Taylor plays her cards very much like any ambitious man would, and you know what, I wouldn’t call her anti-feminist for that either. Just simply being a jerk. I think she’ll be fine without my support!